Trouble Shooting

This section provides troubleshooting guides step-by-step for Chofu tankless water heaters.

Why does not the unit or Remote Controller turn on at all?

Power Supply or Electric connection Issue

Please make sure if you have power supply to the unit. Also, make sure connection between the unit and Remote Controller.

Why does we have low pressure after installed?

— Clogged Filter /Low Ground water Pressure

Simply remove inlet filter at the Chofu water heater or check the aerator tip on most faucets and inspect the parts for small pieces of sand, sediment and debris. If you have still pressure issue, please contact original Chofu installer and ask them to check incoming water pressure to the house.

Why do we have temperature fluctuation ?

— Flow Rate Issue

Chofu water heater requires minimum 0.58 GPM (gallon per minutes) to activate the unit. If you use less than the minimum flow rate, the unit does not turn on.

What does 3 Digit number or 2 Alphabets on Remote controller mean?

— Error Code Guide

Chofu water heater has unique feature to provide you “error code” when the unit inside have problem. Please refer to “Error Code Guide” and contact your Chofu installers for help.