Tankless vs Tank

Unlimited Hot Water:

Unlike a traditional tank type water heater, Chofu tankless water heater delivers an unlimited amount of hot water to every home. Once you tap hot water at shower, kitchen or sink, Chofu tankless water heater produces hot water at steady temperature as long as you want!

Space Saving:

Traditional tank water heater require up to 15 square feet of valuable space. However, Chofu Tankless Water Heater need small space and can be installed wall-mount inside, outside and You can free up valuable space up to 90% to get additional storage.

Energy Saving & Eco Friendly

You can save energy and money with a Chofu Tankless Water Heater because on demand water heater does NOT require pilot light. In addition, Chofu tankless Water Heater has high efficiency at 82%. Based on U.S. Department of Energy, you can save up to 40-50 % of operation cost. Also Chofu tankless water heater meets LoxNox Rule 1146.2 by SCAQMD.

Steady & Safety Temperature control system:

Chofu tankless water heater produce unlimited amount of hot water at steady temperature. Advanced tankless technology which electric motorized control valve with PCB will monitor incoming water supply temperature and hot water demand precisely to maintain steady temperature.


Chofu tankless water heater is most durable tankless water heater in the market, compared with other tankless brand and it will last longer than even traditional tank type water heater. Every components including heat exchanger (copper between Type K and L) , water control valve etc.. are commercial grade which give your comfort and piece of mind for every day of your hot water needs.