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Special & Promotion

Energy Star Logo up to $ 1500 Tax Credit Program

2012 SCGC up to $150 Cash Rebate Program for Residential Use & up to $360 for Commercial Use

In 2012, Chofu tankless water heater is qualified water heater of Southern California Gas Company max $ 150 instant rebate program for Residential use. After installed Chofu water heater, please send purchase of receipts and SCGC Gas Rebate Coupon back to Chofu US.

Residential Use

FO-C26 FF / FO-C26 $ 150

Commercial Use

FO-C26 FF / FO-C26 $ 360

How to Apply (For Commercial Customers only)

You must call 1-800-508-2348 to reserve funding! Be sure to read the program’s terms and conditions or more detail visit at

Tank-less technology leads energy efficient & Eco Friendly water heating system in last decade. Therefore, there are many promotion, rebates & incentive available at every state through 2012. Please contact your local utility company, government office for more information.