Q How do Chofu Tankless Water Heaters Work?

A When you open the hot water tap, a water flow sensor detects the water flow. Then, the burner electrically ignited. Water circulate through the heat exchanger and the heater provide endless hot water. When you turn off the hot water tap, the unit shuts down automatically.

Q How much money can I save for operation cost?

A Based on the DOE test procedure found on Energy Star 2007 report, using a Chofu tankless water heater will allow you to use less energy for water heating and save 30% of energy for water heating.

Q How long do Chofu tankless water heaters last?

A Chofu tankless water heaters are extremely durable and long lasting because Chofu tankless water heaters are simple design and have been developed many years in Japan.

Q Where can I purchase a Chofu tankless water heater?

A We are selling our Chofu tankless water heater directly to plumbers. However, the units are not sold through retailers. So, if you need quote, please contact to licensed installers.

Q Do I need to upgrade the gas line?

A Yes. Tankless water heater required high BTU of burner for instantaneous hot water. The minimum requirement for gas line is 3/4 “.

Q Do I need to install water softner?

A No. Water softner is not a requirement for tankless water heater, however, in hard water area, the water affects the performance of tankless water heater. Another option is install Siliphose Anti Scale Filter which prevent scale from forming inside the heater.

Q At what temperature should the water heater be set?

Factory setting of temperature is 120°F , but you can change temperature with remote control from 96 to 140º F. However, temperature over 125ºF can cause severe burns instantly or death from scalding.