“Chofu delivers with the amenity to meet every style of life

Chofu Seisakusho Co. Ltd in Japan with the No. 1 share in oil-fired water heaters in Japan is expanding its line of products aiming at growing into to a full-fledged manufacturer of general housing equipment. We are a company that offers affluence and amenity by considering comfortable living in total context.

“Manufacturing Technology”

Customers think highly of our products for good usability and functionality.
Our products have been manufactured safely and without trouble in the systemized production lines that have been kept clean to protect the natural environment.

“Research and Development of technology”

Chofu are engaged in the development of new products to meet various needs in view of aging society, ecology, and energy-saving.

“Quality Control”

Severe testing is conducted on the products for safety, environmental resistance, endurance, and so on. Our thorough quality control program assures the highest customer satisfaction with our products.


Gotairiku, Inc was established in 2010 located at Lake Forest, California as Home improvement equipment manufacture to focus on giving a quality life to our customers. We implements variety of idea & unique products from all over the world such as Chofu tank-less gas water heater, Ofulo bathtub, Bidet Toilet seat, Prefabricated bath System, Spa re-heating system & more…..

We always put customers first. If you are looking for quality life, we are always here for you to provide and support comfortable living in any way.

Mission Statement:

“Customer-Driven” is core of our business and our values are follows.