Chofu’s Advantage

“Trouble Free” Concentric Vent System Concentric Vent system improves comfort by reducing infiltration (the source of draftiness), allowing better humidity control and lowering sound levels. It is designed to bring all outdoor combustion air directly to the combustion chamber through a sealed pipe. Where comfort, noise and warranties are important customer concerns, Concentric venting system offers significant advantages.
Built-In Scale Detector We know that the temperature of residual hot water become higher a scale starts to build up inside the copper coil (heat Exchanger), so Chofu developed preventative solution for scale build up. The Anti-Scale Detector will inform you the extensive scale build up by monitoring the temperature of residual with “LC” alarm on LED remote controller before damaged to the coil.
Safety Temperature Control with CMR-2253 With CMR2253 LED Remote controller, temperature will be set from 96F up to max 140F very easily. Plus, it comes with “Error Alarm” systems which inform you the problem of the unit. Having “Error Alarm”, Chofu water heater will stops the operation.
Maintenance Friendly Chofu water heater has only 6 major mechanical components such as heat Exchanger, Fan Motor, Full modulating Gas Valve, Combustion Chamber, Electric water control valve / flow sensor, PC board. Using just a screwdriver, all parts can be assemble or disassemble. No wrench required like other tankless brand.
High Performance Chofu water heater delivers endless hot water from 0.58 GPM (gallon per minutes) to 8.3 GPM. Practically you can run will 2-3 showers at the same time but it still keeps steady temperature with Chofu advanced temperature control system.